Team Performance

Our clients seek transformational change and improvement of performance. They understand that the interrelationships inside and outside the organization are key for all successes. They know 'something' needs to change. They want results. Now.

With our interventions, the results of our clients improve over 20% on average... Talking about ROI...!

'The old way’ doesn’t work anymore; new ways of co-operation, co-creation, proactive behavior, inspiring & effective leadership are needed to survive in the everlasting changing environment. Teamperformance is superior to individual performance. We therefore focus on the team as a whole. We use Relationship (System) Intelligence™ Read more…


Measuring Team Performance

We design tailor made programs and co-create solutions with you, that will work for you! 

When working with teams & organizations, we can measure our results with the Team Diagnostic Assessment™.

Read more about the four Team Scans we use...

Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds (profit and non-profit) e.g. finance & banking, production, chemicals, ‘heavy industry’, retail, ICT, food & agri business, services, transportation & automotive, Government, NGO (e.g. the European Commission), education, Health care (hospital) and social housing (See here for a list).

Size doesn’t matter to us! What we find important is that management is committed to make a change or even transformation.

Some specific events that might benefit from our approach are (not limited):

● M&A’s, MBO/MBI (bridging the - relationships -gap)

● Reorganizations, lay offs (streamlining impact)

● New strategy (translating impact)

● New Mission Statements (working on essence) 

● Fast growing companies, start ups (keeping the team together)

● Change of leadership, successions (impact, bridging the gap)

● Conflict management


We know that we can make the transformation happen in your team also. We even go one step further; 

We guarantee results and have a no cure, no pay policy!

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