LeaderQuest delivers tailor made training, coaching and consultancy services to a wide variety of organizations in proft and non-profit sectors (see here for a list). We use state of the art methods and techniques, like Relationship (System) Intelligence™. Read more...

What can you expect from our services:

■ Inspiring and effective leadership

■ Teambuilding Plus!©; teambuilding, but not the usual way.…

■ More focus on teams (‘team spirit’) and the ‘whole’ organization

■ Improvement of client satisfaction, longer and deeper relationships

■ Improvement of Employee Engagement (retention)

■ Improvement of Positivity and Productivity

■ Less silos or ‘islands’ within an organization

■ Enjoying Diversity as an opportunity

■ Responsibility and Respons-Ability

■ Skillful management of conflicts

■ More effective communication

■ More loyalty, less sick leave

■ Better co-operation

and above all

■ Measurable results !

■ Long-lasting results !

■ Solutions embedded and anchored deep in your organization !

Here's more information for individuals… Personal and Executive Coaching

Here's more information for Teams and Organizations…

We have also designed a wide variety of Workshops & Trainings (open courses and in company) and Leadership journeys.

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